Power amp s for Avantgarde Duos?

Hi, I'm looking for new amps for my Avantgarde DUOs.
I have had different tube amps, and prefer 300B/845/805..
Now I have Cayin/Spark 9084D, 845 monoblocks; but I have some problems with hum, and they are not the best with respect to resolution.
Noise is of course a challenge with these speakers.
I have recently tested a BAT VK-75SE, and were impressed by the dynamics and the fantastic bass slam together with excellent resolution and imaging. But the midrange (vocals) seem a bit "too neutral" (analytical?) to me........
I have a BAT VK-51SE pre amp, and Acoustic Zen Silver Ref IC's, Audience Au24 speaker cables (might be replaced with AZ Double Barrel.....).
Source: Pink Triangle Anniversary TT + Wheaton TriPlanar MkVII tonearm + Lyra Titan PU, and a Pass Labs X-ONO phono stage.
Room size 3.5 m (w) x 5.5 m (l).
Price range (new or used): up to $4000.
I prefer monoblocks, but no must........

Best regards Ola
I believe that your dream amps are still available in an Agon classified right now: Audiopax 88s. I used the Audiopax 88s with the Duos and the combination was stunning. I have heard that the Lamms are an improvement, but I went in another direction before making that upgrade.

Don't let the Duo's efficiency fool you, though. The Duos sound best with something more than flea-power. The Audiopax is around 35W, I believe, and I found that optimal. I tried the Duos with a Wavac 300b and found that dynamics suffered noticeably.
It's a no-brainer to me.... Get an Art Audio PX-25 (AVG/low gain model). I have tried quite a few amps (some much more expensive) and haven't found anything as good. Joe Fratus really treats the people who buy his amps well, and has got to be one of the best people in high end audio too.

Hi Olaps, If you liked the Bat VK75se you might like the VK 55 even more, plenty of power for the Duo's or you can get them mono, they are more 'tubey' than the 75se and it is in your price range. I use mine with Duo 3.2's and a Bat VK51se. Try to give this amp a listen.
ATB, Dan
I drive my Duos with Wavelength 300Bs Cardinals. Seems contradictory to acquire High Efficiency speakers and not take advantage of high resolution low power amps. Px 25s is definitely a choice as any good 300Bs, but Bat 75? 8 to 20w max.
After having two very respected people tell me I must try the Tom Evans gear with my Unos I finally did and they were right. That was after trying the Art Audio PX25, Wavac 300B, Wavelength, and others. I'm through looking and just enjoying the music. Check out Jeff Day's review on 6Moons. He nails the sound and really gives an excellent description of the engineering that went into Tom Evans amp, prea-amp and phono stage.