power amplifiers with ICEpower module

Hi guys, what do you think of the new breed of "digital" amplifiers with the ICEpower modules, I mean sonically. My initial thoughts are neither positive nor negative. I think ICEpowered amplifiers are very clean sonically (very low distortion and coloration), but at the same time they are also a bit cool and lean sounding to me. My current reference is a rather low powered (50 W) class-A Accuphase amplifier.
Essentialaudio, to answer your question, no. What's more, I am not the only guy who has posted wonderment about the H2O on the net. In fact, my praise pales in the light of other owner reviewer's prose.

You, or anyone, are invited to my place for a listen.

I can't vouch for the speakers, Analysis full range dipoles, H2O amps will be driving, but I am willing to stick out my head a little bit, and dub them, "Best of Show," at the next HE Show in NY.
Fiddler, I heard what I heard, and you don't have to agree. But your "sooooo predictable" jab "won't hunt" as you say. I didn't say what I heard, so as not to take prisoners. You want to know what the system was? Email me. If you think expressing an opinion about a technology per se is inappropriate, why? If the technology lived up to its billing of ultimate performance, I'd be all over it. Perhaps the point is about good price/performance, in which case a different response may be in order.

If you want to have a shootout, bring it on, I'm game. What is considered a reasonable price by one person may not be in another's, but that's another topic of endless debate. Meanwhile, let's agree to disagree.
Where does JO4 technology (used in highly regarded Goldmund amps) fit into great amp design? Stellavox & Job amps are reasonably priced, using the same JOB4 technology.
I own the Stellavox PW-1 monos. They sound fantastic, weigh little, and are quick! I always wonder why these conversations do not include JOB4 technology?
Dazzdax- You owe it to yourself to check out JOB4 amps (Goldmund, Stellavox or Job amps are all owned & marketed by Goldmund)!
H2o is the real thing guys...I got them in my system for 1.5 month and they are getting better and better everyday....I am an ex pass x250 owner....and I've tried the Jeff Rowland 201 mono blocks......I like the x250 over the 201 but I like the h2o the best....

The H2o made my system sounded so realistic...If I close my eyes, I can hear a guy playing acoustic guitar in from of me...it sounded that real to me!!..
Brian, I am not debating what you heard. You are certainly entitled to your opinion as are the vast number of people who have heard the ICEpower amps and who have a dramatically different opinion than yours.

My point here is the transparent consistency with which you respond about components you don't sell.