power amplifiers with ICEpower module

Hi guys, what do you think of the new breed of "digital" amplifiers with the ICEpower modules, I mean sonically. My initial thoughts are neither positive nor negative. I think ICEpowered amplifiers are very clean sonically (very low distortion and coloration), but at the same time they are also a bit cool and lean sounding to me. My current reference is a rather low powered (50 W) class-A Accuphase amplifier.
I heard the Rowland amps in several rooms at CES / THE. Based on the posts here, I was very much looking forward to them, especially with the Rockport speakers, which I'd never heard before, but which also always receive raves. This room made some of the least musical sound at the show. While all the sounds were there, bass thru his, it was a very unmusical sound. There was another room nearby with the smae amps with some other speakers, I didn't stay long enough to find out the type. On the other hand, they sopunded ok in the Wadia room, with some little Dynaudio speakers. Of course there is more to an amplifier than the ICE module, and I would love to hear the H2Os. I think Muralman used to own Pass Aleph gear, so I think he should know good sound when he hears it.

My personal apologies! I am way out of line in my post. I got carried away! Sometimes I make bad judgement and wrote distasteful words. My previous post is an example of this.

If I have a way of deleting my post after I realized my mistake, I will.

For those who had been following this thread, please ignore what I said as much as possible. I found no gratification in writing such somewhat inflamatory remarks. I should have known better.

Again, I apologize to Brian personally.
I will not participate in this thread anymore.

Dealers have opinions too. If they have proven over time to be straightforward, then you can depend on them. Dealers probably hear a greater variety of components/systems, and their opinions can be worthwhile. Has Brian shown that his opinions are not honest? ISn't he hosting a shootout?
What is your opinion regarding the NuForce vs ICEpower or UcD module? The ICEpower based Bel Canto Design Reference One amps have got a rave review by John Potis of 6moons recently. I'm wondering if the somewhat lean sound of an ICEpower amp is in fact the absence of distortion?

Dazzdax, the ICE module's sound can be attenuated by skilled amp builders to sound just about like anything. I have never heard two sounding the same.

You made a valid point. ICE amps always divulge a lot of disc info that all solid state amps I've heard mask, or roll over with non THD noise. A more detailed passage will not have that manufactured, "Body," folks are use to.