Power cable

Hello everyone, curious on thoughts for a power cable for my Pass Labs X250.8 ?  At the moment I’m leaning at the Furutech DPS 4.1 cable with the 48M NCF Rhodium AC connectors. The outlet will be the Furutech GTX-D NCF Rhodium as well. I have read a bit on this. Curious on everyone’s thoughts. I have chatted with a few members here already and owner of Vhaudio. Do you guys think the cost is worth it overall ? Thank you 


@rsf507 I would say 1500 max. There doesn’t seem to be much compared to the Furutech from what I am reading. 

@soix overall I would say something that would bring everything together more. My GIK panels came in a few weeks ago. I do like that they have done and I have more to get, taking in slow and methodical. I do wish the quality of the GIK were better but they do serve a purpose. I wish I had the time to make them with my buddy. The quality would be much better. 

I use Cerious Technologies with Pass, including X250.8...3 models depending on what you want to spend...all worth the increase in price...

Don't waste your money.  Put it into room conditioning.  A good quality amp converts AC to DC, rectifies it, filters it and regulates it.  It could care less about the 6' to your outlet, the distance to your electrical panel, or the run up to the transformer on your power line.