Power cable

Hello everyone, curious on thoughts for a power cable for my Pass Labs X250.8 ?  At the moment I’m leaning at the Furutech DPS 4.1 cable with the 48M NCF Rhodium AC connectors. The outlet will be the Furutech GTX-D NCF Rhodium as well. I have read a bit on this. Curious on everyone’s thoughts. I have chatted with a few members here already and owner of Vhaudio. Do you guys think the cost is worth it overall ? Thank you 


Don't waste your money.  Put it into room conditioning.  A good quality amp converts AC to DC, rectifies it, filters it and regulates it.  It could care less about the 6' to your outlet, the distance to your electrical panel, or the run up to the transformer on your power line.

overall I would say something that would bring everything together more

Would you say you’re looking for more detail or air in the treble, more tonal richness or color, etc.?  Or, put another way, what to you seems not as together as you’d like currently?

Here’s a review of several outlets I found interesting as they’re compared directly to each other (and includes the GTX-D).  I came away intrigued by the Cruzefirst Maestro outlet for its design, sound characteristics, and value. 

Here’s another review that had similar findings…



@ghdprentice at the time I bought my Niagara 1200 they told me those would be overkill for it. I went with the monsoon cable, it’s a good cable overall but I’m curious what’s out there and power cables seem to have great effect…. Depends who you ask. Haha 



The effects the Hurricane had on your system is nothing like the effect it had on my system. Which, of course we know is a thing and why you have to try stuff in your own system. I will say the the Hurricane has taken the industry by Storm (teehee) over the last couple of years… so I think your experience is likely the less common. 

@soix I read those not long ago haha. I am pretty happy where I am at the moment. My panels are up too, still waiting on the face plates for the ones behind the couch. They sent the wrong color on accident and the ones that shipped were damaged. They are up for now haha. I do have a few more panels I want to get but doing it over time to hear the changes. More or less reading on the outlet and power cables now .