Power cable

Hello everyone, curious on thoughts for a power cable for my Pass Labs X250.8 ?  At the moment I’m leaning at the Furutech DPS 4.1 cable with the 48M NCF Rhodium AC connectors. The outlet will be the Furutech GTX-D NCF Rhodium as well. I have read a bit on this. Curious on everyone’s thoughts. I have chatted with a few members here already and owner of Vhaudio. Do you guys think the cost is worth it overall ? Thank you 


Im with audphile 1...the 50 r ncf.Worth the cost...pay once and pat yourself on the back for the wise choice later....All about the burn.Love the audioharma!

@shtr74sims, yes I’ve had the AQ Thunder going from an isolated wall socket in my living room to the Niagara for the last three years without any issues. 

@adasdad I would likely keep the monsoon for a bit. I would first like to try the Furutech 4.1 from my power amp to the wall directly. 

jhnnrrs then both a youse could stand to learn reason.

theres nothing reasonable about coming into a discussion about topic B and declare it should be swapped out for topic C. it unreasonable, presents a false dichotomy and plain stupid. 

theres nothing wrong with staying out of a conversation ur not qualified to contribute to or participate in. 

I have a loom of Shunyata Alpha v. 1's, including one on my 250.8.  I think that Shunyata's are great cables.  However, on my 250.8, it replaced an Audience Power Chord, and although it was slightly better, was not a major difference.  Over stock . . very audible difference.