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Hello everyone, curious on thoughts for a power cable for my Pass Labs X250.8 ?  At the moment I’m leaning at the Furutech DPS 4.1 cable with the 48M NCF Rhodium AC connectors. The outlet will be the Furutech GTX-D NCF Rhodium as well. I have read a bit on this. Curious on everyone’s thoughts. I have chatted with a few members here already and owner of Vhaudio. Do you guys think the cost is worth it overall ? Thank you 


The NCF sounds like a good option to me. Cable Co said the NCF is better balanced than the original rhodium and that's why Furutech stopped offering a gold outlet. I agree Hurricane HC may not be good for the mellow Pass. I tried to like mine but it had a serious roll off starting in mid-treble no matter what component I had it on. This from someone 60+ who can't hear 10k anymore. The bass was also like Cardas Clear IC and speaker cables, very extended and powerful down low, but no bloom at all, almost a slight hole in upper bass, to my ears. It was still a great cable though, exceptional clarity, low noise and mind-blowing microdynamics. The macrodynamics were in line with a 12ga cable so another negative.

I'm surprised no one has mentioned Synergistic Research. I didn't like the Foundation HC due to pronounced bass at 170hz, but I think there's a used Euphoria HC for sale. Definitely try to get to 10ga if you can. The Pass deserves Galileo IMO. I was late to the AC cable party and regret it. They make a big difference to my ears.

Never was much into the power cord debate until I heard the AQ Storm Series power cords.  There may be other power cords out there that actually improve the sound but I stopped looking after hearing the AQ.  Even the Thunder is quite an improvement over various cords that I used in my system.  The Storm Series definitely lowers the noise floor letting you hear more of the detail in the music.  

@bmontani I currently have the AQ monsoon. I’m happy overall, can’t help but be curious though. ..

Never had a Monsoon.  I tried one AQ Thunder n my p20 power regenerator and was impressed.   Sold that and purchased 7 AQ Hurricanes for my entire system.  I think the Hurricane is the sweet spot in the AQ lineup also didn't want to drop 35 k for the Dragons.  Very happy with the Hurricanes.  The storm series was the first power cable where I actually heard a difference.  I was a skeptic until this point.  It is real.  I know many dispute this claim.  I could never understand why there would be any difference until I was introduced to the concept that electrons don't travel thru a power cord like water thru a pipe.  The energy is actually propagated through an electromagnetic field surrounding the cable.  Using this understanding, it made sense to me how cables could actually be different.  I think the biggest benefit from the Storm series is a lower noise floor.  

Zavfino OCC Silver Dart Graphene


4 years ago Audiobacon did a PC shootout:


I purchased a few Kimber Kable PowerKord 10 Palladian PCs based on this shootout.