Power cable Advice...

Hi - I am upgrading my PC's from the basic stock to something higher end. Working with a budget up to $1,500 per cable (used will get me bigger bang for the buck) for the following products:

- Pass Labs X250.5 Power Amp

- Atma-Sphere MP-3 Preamp

- Electrocompaniet EMC1


TIA. Joey


@ghdprentice I’m currently running a Shunyata Venom HC for my amp (direct to wall and on its own dedicated 20amp line), and have always had good experiences with AQ.


What do you like about the hurricane? I’m wanting to step up on the PC front for the amp and trust your opinion. Usually prefer copper which brings more natural tones in my experience. 

Another for WyWires Platinum HC - High Current version. Only cable I have that has bettered them is a Nordost Valhalla II. Not a fair comparison but the WyWires more than hold their own and for a lot less money. If it wasn’t for the great deal I received on the Valhalla I wouldn’t have bought it… it’s better but not that much better. 

$1500 per cable gets you midfi cables. You a are better off putting that money into a 4500 pair of speaker cables.

better value for money are the 500-650 dollar power cables from Synergistic research foundation and they beat AQ an Nordost. Nordost make good cabels only after 10-30k! You don’t need to spend more than that and won’t get better sound. Most good power cables start at about 3500-5k before they really improve things enough to justify their price. Kubala sosna reailization is in that range then Synergistic Research Galileo and SRX level after that from 6-8k!

Shunyata is meh compared to KS and SR.

Ansuz makes great power cables as well try the X2 in your price range. Ansuz is an evolution of Nordost and all of their cables beat everything Nordost has in their price range.

Take a look at the Vogue Audio power cords, would work very well in at least one of your applications if not all of them. Made in the USA OCC copper and a special OCC sliver plating. Sounds very natural.