Power cable Advice...

Hi - I am upgrading my PC's from the basic stock to something higher end. Working with a budget up to $1,500 per cable (used will get me bigger bang for the buck) for the following products:

- Pass Labs X250.5 Power Amp

- Atma-Sphere MP-3 Preamp

- Electrocompaniet EMC1


TIA. Joey


Here is another suggestion:

Audio Envy make good power cords that are very flexible and light weight, and I like the results.


Anyone here that tells you it will make a difference is either lying, or willfully ignorant. Put your money towards something that actually makes a difference and matters, and shame on whoever told you otherwise. 

Update: Following countless hours of research, I made a few purchases on the used market all for < 5k

Power amp - AQ 1M HC Dragon

Preamp - AQ 1M HC Hurricane

Digital -    AQ 1M Source Hurricane

This was a great thread!