Power cable and proceed. Which one ?

What power is the best for proceed gear?
IMHO the correct question should read something like "Which PC matches well with a Proceed PMDT?"

I have tried a couple of different PCs with Proceed equipment as well as several other manufacturers' components. My experience is not that one PC is better for a specific manufacturers' equipment, rather that it is more dependent on the component with which it is being used. To be blunt, I have heard positive results using PC upgrades with digital source equipment, and marginal (was there any?) improvement when used on power amps. I'm sure that some folks will provide recommendations on specific PCs with a given manufacturers' equipment, but you need to narrow your search by listing which piece(s) you own and wish to upgrade.
With my AVP I've used Shunyata's Black Mamba, BMI's Whale Elite, and MIT's Z II. The BMI, for me, showed the most favorable results. Hope this helps.
I second that Once Bitten. The BMI Whale Elite power cable gives me the best results. I use them through out my reference audio system. For interconnects it's Transparent Reference cables.