Power Cable Audioquest Dragon vs Isotek EVO3 Ascension

Thoughts on high current power cables for amplifiers Audioquest Dragon vs Isotek EVO3 Ascension.  

It seems like a lot of people praise the Dragon


Unfortunately, no one can really tell you what changes these cables will make to the sound of your system.

TMR, Upscale and Music Direct have a 60 day return policy. Upscale and MD stock both brands. If you’re planning to buy new, this is the way to go unless you have a local dealer who’s willing to lend you these cables for a home trial. There’s also The Cable Co. who lend cables out for a fee for a home audition. 

If the rest of your cables are AQ, it would probably make sense to continue with AQ, but this is just an assumption in case you are unable to purchase and try or you’re purchasing used.

Also, in this price range you have Audience FrontRow, Transparent and Nordost, as well as Shunyata, etc.

The biggest change in sound quality to my current system has been amp power cords. I switched among Cardas Clear Beyond, Cardas Clear Reflection, Transparent Ultra, WireWorld 7, DHLabs, the ARC stock cord, and the Audio Research heavy duty stock cord (10 gauge?). Each after market cord had strengths and weaknesses, that kept me from committing. Then the AQ Hurricane… no weaknesses… more detail, lower noise floor and no attenuation of treble. Perfect. It took a few minutes to be sure. Not subtle.

NEVER buy without listening in YOUR system FIRST! Cords do make a difference but in my experience, the effect is unpredictable. 

I prefer copper over silver in my system, so I put an Audioquest Hurricane high current power cable on my DAC and, WOOOOOOW!!!