Power Cable Audioquest Dragon vs Isotek EVO3 Ascension

Thoughts on high current power cables for amplifiers Audioquest Dragon vs Isotek EVO3 Ascension.  

It seems like a lot of people praise the Dragon



FWIW: I did a cable shoot out with the AQ Firebird HC, Shunyata Sigma V2 NR, Synergistic Euphoria HC L3…, and RSX Beyond PC. I know the Dragon sits above the Firebird and it has a lot of fans. But it was beyond my price range. So, take this for what it’s worth: out of all the cables that I tried, I picked the RSX Beyond. 

I went through the Cable Co. I took my time. I picked the one that sounded the best to me, in my system.

I know @macdude has experienced both, so there’s another big data point.

Nevertheless, you gotta try ‘em in your system to really know.

I am a firm believer in cables are system dependent. And learned and heard this with my own ears. Like, garbage in, garbage out.

I had an all Carver system for years, all were internally updated, sounded good.

Then got the itch to upgrade. You can believe ghdprentice. I did. I took a gamble deciding to get some ARC gear based on his descriptions of ARC gear and won. Searched and got a REF5SE. Later a REF75SE. And then an Aurender shortly after.

Once again, took his advice and got a well broken in AQ Hurricane for my amp. Holy crap is all I can say. Game ender.

And again, Transparent Ref PC for my preamp. Again, done there.

Lot safer to audition in your system before committing though.





I bough a used AQ dragon on audiogon once. I’ll never know if it was legitimate or a chinese knockoff

as you can see if you research, the dragon PC prices fluctuate dramatically. I actually used mine for a few months but I dont believe aftermarket PCs work that well with gryphon amps. And they test their stuff with their own cords and even provide their cords for you if you buy the Apex.

I wasnt seeing a huge improvement given the price, so I sold it for a rather large profit...

Hence my issue with buying this item on this website. I wouldnt buy used unless full documentation. Or just buy new haha

Yes this is a concern of mine. But I usually look at how many positive reviews a seller has. I bought a Shunyata research on Us Audiomart and there was a noticeable improvement.

I mean when they say it's a demo is it?