Power cable break in?

This topic may cause a stir. But here go's. I have been experimenting with upgraded power cords moving on from my Shunyata Black Mamba's (original version) I have had about 20 years. I was thinking that surely there have been some advancements since then. Research told me to try some Wireworld Silver Electra 7's on front end digital components.  I retired 2 Black Mambas with the Silver Electra 7's on my DAC and CD Transport. I had earlier replaced an entry level Shunyata with a Electra 7 on my DDC unit. Because I just returned with my newly updated and upgraded VAC Cla 1 MK III preamp I was not sure what was doing what but it was all better sounding. Well the two new power cords did improve over time as they broke in, primarily in transient quickness, soundstage size and inner detail with a more delicate top end. But that's not the reason I am making this post. What I did next was found a Synergistic Reference Master coupler to try for a great price, it was a classic and I had found in my research that a writer from TAS had one on his VAC Cla preamp as his reference. When it arrived I pulled my Black Mamba off the pre amp and placed this very stiff PC on. What happened next is that the music had more impact, dynamics and punch, however the bass although more pronounced as a bit too bloated and lacked the pitch definition compared to the Black Mamba. But damn the dynamics and attack were undeniable! What I want to do is stick this PC on something that is on all the time and give it some burn in time. But it's stiffness' is so far preventing that and I cannot get it angled to properly plug it into a linear power supply I have. Is it possible that this PC over some time will maybe lose the Bass bloat and settle down with better pitch definition? (I didn't really experience that type break in with the Wireworld Silver Electra 7 PC's that I remember, they kinda filled in over time)  If it does become refined than it will be a great match for the pre amp. I just don't think it's wise to leave the pre amp on all the time maybe a few days? I usually turn it on in the morning and turn it off when I am finished several hours later. Pre amp tubes have good life and I have more back ups so maybe 48-72 hours non stop so I can try. What's my chances the bloat will disappear with refinement?


I can't comment on you particular cable but yes, cables do break in and power cables do as well. I had one of my power cables that sounded bright and upfront for the first couple hours then became dull and with bloated bass and that stayed for a while. It took a couple weeks to sound good again. And yes, cables that have been coiled may need to be broken in again to some extent - especially, I believe, if they contain silver.

I tried the pc burn like curiousjim...i believe its works just fine as on all the time.Venhaus says 2 weeks give a 95% burnin.Works for me.Its funny how all the ic and speaker cable jockying has given way to power cables and higher end connectors for me.You know that upstream thing....enjoy journey ft251

That’s funny OP “here they come😂”. I’ve never understood how many do no here break in. I can move cables around without even disconnecting them and find I lose bass for hours or a day or 2. Disconnecting and storing then hooking them up again is even worse. The worst was breaking in Furatech NCF outlets. Anyone doesn’t believe in break in buy a NCF outlet and tell me what you hear.