Power cable choice, does it matter for subs?

Should replacing the PC on a subwoofer make a difference you could notice?

I just discovered I had accidentally installed an18ga cord on one of my subs. It was the most power hungry of the bunch and I feel bad about starving it. I did install a stock type 14ga I found in house and it did seem to tighten it up a bit but that could be my imagination. 

In your experience, any thoughts on if going to a better/higher gauge cord on subs would or should make much difference?

I contacted REL about this once and they said that they’ve done extensive testing on their units and did not find any real, hearable differences as long as the proper (minimum) gauge wire is used.
Yes, I think what you heard was thin wire. My DBA was run restricted like this for some time. Long story, but unbeknownst to me the sub amps were plugged into a current-limited outlet. The bass was still quite good, at least I thought it was until doing some more mods I discovered my error and fixed it. The sense of speed and slam or impact improved noticeably.  

Other than that though I have tried various speaker cables, interconnects, and power cords, hearing little to no difference. I now have some Synergistic Atmosphere power cords for review so maybe this will change. For now though it seems subs need adequate gauge and good power, but are nowhere near as sensitive to power cords as other components are.
Thanks for the response, I think the 14ga has helped over the 18ga and that should be enough,