Power Cable DIY - Please advise


Im planning on building a pair of DIY power cables, I have shortlisted a few cables and connectors, please feel free to recommend which one to purchase.

Furutech FP TCS31
Acoustic Revive Powermax 10000
Acrolink ???
NeoTech NEP 3200

connectors... Furutech FI 28/E38 or FI50 gold or rhodium??

Thanks in Advance

What did you end up getting? It's funny, because I chimed in about the connectors while @geoch was going on about yarbo cable. I'm getting ready to build another power cable and went to order the same cable I used before and it turns out it was yarbo cable. Ha! So I definitely can recommend their stuff. I bought the 9000 series and it is very well built and the conductors are high quality rectangular copper with PE insulation. They also claim to be OFC and mono crystal, but I can't confirm those claims. Based on how awesome the cable is built though, I'd have to say I trust them. 

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Has anyone compared the Furutech Fi-11 (g) with the Fi-15 (g) male and iec on the same AC cable before? Which would have more heft at the bottom and less bright in the treble? Thanks. 
Your best options could vary depending on which equipment you plan to power.
In general, front end equipment such as servers, players, and DACs do not need a large a gauge as large power amplifiers.  However, some would argue that anything over about 14awg is overkill anyway.  The bulk cables by Furutech and Nanotec are supposed to be quite good and I have successfully used various Furutech bulk power cables including the  FP-3TS20 for front-end gear and FP-Alpha (unshielded) for power amplifiers.  I have heard from somebody I trust for audio impressions that Furutech's new nano-liquid treated power cables sound very good. 

My most recent DIY efforts have included using Western Electric vintage wire, which I find to sound good for both speaker cables and power cables.  My large SS Class A amplifiers and SS preamp sound good with 7 awg power cables made from four runs of WE10ga wire that are twisted and connected in a star-quad configuration with two 10awg wires per pole.  I use a tinned copper braid shield connected only at the source end, and then two more WE10ga wires spirialed outside of the braid shield and connected to ground at each end.  The cords are terminated with Furutech FP-11 Cu connectors.  I have no doubt this is overkill and that a simple twisted pair of the WE10ga wire (it comes in twisted pairs) plus ground would work just fine for virtually any amplifier.