Power Cable for CDP

Hi all. For the last 2 years I’ve been using Oyaide Tunami 2 power cables on amps, CDP and power distributor. Anyone who knows these knows they they are an outstanding 10AWG OCC virgin copper cable. Sound can be best described as detailed, lush and FAT. Conceptually I get the need to feed a hi power amplifier with as much power as you can; usually only achievable with a heavy gauge power cable.

I’m considering using a lighter gauge cable (13AWG) for source and wondering if anyone has any experience in mixing cable gauges depending on equipment connected to the cable? Am I likely to get more speed, air, instrument separation etc?



I mix and match power cords and have found that sometimes a lighter gauge power cord will sound better on the source. It's a matter of personal preference. Components will vary.

I went from big 10 awg to 14 awg with no detriment.I ended up with fp-3ts20 with furutech 28 r connectors.I think it is a better fit for a cd player.10 awg i feel was too much...some what bloated and over emphasized lowend.

You surely don’t need a 10 awg PC for a CDP.  It’s really more about what improvements/sound characteristics you’re looking for, and there’s a lot more to that than just awg.  Share with us what you’re looking for and you’ll get some great recommendations here. 

The only thing you'll get is less money in your bank account and likely some reinforcement of your confirmation bias.