Power Cable for CDP

Hi all. For the last 2 years I’ve been using Oyaide Tunami 2 power cables on amps, CDP and power distributor. Anyone who knows these knows they they are an outstanding 10AWG OCC virgin copper cable. Sound can be best described as detailed, lush and FAT. Conceptually I get the need to feed a hi power amplifier with as much power as you can; usually only achievable with a heavy gauge power cable.

I’m considering using a lighter gauge cable (13AWG) for source and wondering if anyone has any experience in mixing cable gauges depending on equipment connected to the cable? Am I likely to get more speed, air, instrument separation etc?



Having a Quality large cable still has less resistance  

the AQ Thunder retail around $1k is excellent , I bought mine from Perrotta Consultants and got a very good deal that isa substantial increase in fidelity vs the Oyaide which I have. Owned .

All silver cables are fascinating. Levricables grand power cord cheap cheap and pure 5N silver 28 wire, just can’t beat it.

If a CDP is a CD player, then spend your money on a transport and a good DAC instead.

I would strongly recommend the Shunyata Research Venom 10 NR.  All digital front ends produce power supply noise that disturbs the whole system. The SR NR (noise reducing) cables have circuitry in both male and female connectors that absorbs power supply noise. The silence between notes cannot be unheard!

'Shunyata Research’s exclusive NR (Noise Reduction) technology is a multi-stage filter network'

The only filter I put near my kit are DC blockers. I took every other filter out because they squash dynamics. The Shunyata also uses brass connectors and brass is an awful conductor. Shunyata not for me methinks.

The current Tunami is heavily shielded UP-OCC which I think is higher grade copper than OFE. They are also known for having zero perceivable noise. 

I also don't buy off the shelf cables- I make them with bulk cable and very good connectors.