Power Cable for CDP

Hi all. For the last 2 years I’ve been using Oyaide Tunami 2 power cables on amps, CDP and power distributor. Anyone who knows these knows they they are an outstanding 10AWG OCC virgin copper cable. Sound can be best described as detailed, lush and FAT. Conceptually I get the need to feed a hi power amplifier with as much power as you can; usually only achievable with a heavy gauge power cable.

I’m considering using a lighter gauge cable (13AWG) for source and wondering if anyone has any experience in mixing cable gauges depending on equipment connected to the cable? Am I likely to get more speed, air, instrument separation etc?



I agree that the LavriCable (Grand) is a very good power cord, just more expensive than what I recommended above. If you go that route be sure to give them at least 50 hours of break-in time before you do any critical listing.

Charles1dad said it better than I could and he is right on target ;-)


 "The Shunyata also uses brass connectors and brass is an awful conductor"...i am about to embark om making my own 20 amp for conditioner cable.The size i need is much shorter than redi/manufactered make.My choices so far gold plated and rhodium plated connectors.Im wondering if Shunyata uses the brass maybe because of a more neutral/durable coloring imparted on sound.Just Fwiw.

I've had pretty good success with just audioquest's NG X3 cables. The Thunder is on my amp.

@audioguy85 same here, all the cable nonsense started when my dealer, exasperated that I had no decent cabling, gifted me an Audioquest NRG Y3 cable. It sat in my hifi drawer for a year before by pure chance I tried it, just to make fun of « dumb people who believe in this nonsense » with a friend who was visiting. Result: ended up buying a full set of Audioquest power cables and conditioners. Entry level Audioquest is seriously good and should’t be dismissed like that just because of price, especially the NRG Z3 which is a terrific and very balanced cable for its price.