Power cable from wall socket to power strip


Firstly; yes I believe that cables makes a difference. All cables. I don’t want a discussion with ”non believers”.

I use a power strip (Wireworld Matrix 2) which is connected to the wall socket with a Furutech Empire. But now I need a little longer power cable and I thought; does the power cable from the wall socket to the power strip really matter? I mean, all the way to my wall socket it’s just ordinary wire, so why should the part to the power strip matter. It’s just the last bit to the devices that matters, I’ve been told. Or…?
What are your thoughts about this?


+1 on the Puritan products

I do not have the power conditioner but have recently upgraded to their Puritan Ultimate power cord on my PS Audio Power Plant with very favorable results

Here's the feedback that I sent the distributor after installing the Puritan Ultimate

Darin the XX cable is a beast and an engineering work of art

It's only got 10 or so hours on it, but it's clearly better than what I replaced on my PS Audio Power Plant 15

It was an immediate improvement with no A/B comparison, swapping back and forth needed

I do not know the technical terms and proper audiophile jargon, but I do know my system and my music

And I'm hearing the best versions of both after connecting the Puritan Ultimate

Wider dynamic range, increased detail, even at lower volume

At higher volumes significant bass slam improvement and the overall sound is tight and punchy

The single best $900 I've spent on my system in the last 5 years

I know it's a cable but the improvement will have people asking what new piece of electronics have I added

After 200 hours it should be a real treat

I'm delighted with the results

ty for your coaching and guidance through the process

I asked a question which resulted in several new questions.

Is the sole purpose with high end cables to deliver the power as stable and clean as possible?
Is the sole purpose with a power conditioner to clean and deliver stable power?
If these two questions are anwerd with yes, then the first step has to be to buy a power conditioner.

But there are people that says that power conditioners drains the life out of the music. Why is that? What has gone wrong then?

Yes, I belive and I’ve heard a positive change in the sound when I have replaced the ordinary power cable that came with the device. But I have also heard bad change in the sound when I have replaced several ordinary power cables whith ”better cables”. Why is that?

How can the power cable from the wall outlet to a power conditioner have any importance?
The power has traveled through miles of ”ordinary cable” to my wall outlet, so how can this last bit to the power conditioner, that is supposed to clean the dirty power, have any impact on the sound?

I hope you understand what I’m trying to say and what I wonder. I know my English is not the best.

So then.....nothing anyone has written here really matters. WHY do cables matter is your real question.

Because they sound different, that’s why.

I would suggest you alter your "perceived understanding" on how electricity works.


Thank you for wasting all our time. Your English is fine. Your trolling is almost master-level. Have a nice day.