Power cable from wall socket to power strip


Firstly; yes I believe that cables makes a difference. All cables. I don’t want a discussion with ”non believers”.

I use a power strip (Wireworld Matrix 2) which is connected to the wall socket with a Furutech Empire. But now I need a little longer power cable and I thought; does the power cable from the wall socket to the power strip really matter? I mean, all the way to my wall socket it’s just ordinary wire, so why should the part to the power strip matter. It’s just the last bit to the devices that matters, I’ve been told. Or…?
What are your thoughts about this?



 How can the power cable from the wall outlet to a power conditioner have any importance?
The power has traveled through miles of ”ordinary cable” to my wall outlet, so how can this last bit to the power conditioner, that is supposed to clean the dirty power, have any impact on the sound?

       Did you bother to read anything I posted?

       Bother to LOOK into any of the SCIENCE involved/mentioned?

    Virtually every modern convenience, computer, electronic medical, listening or communication device you've been enjoying, invented since the late 1900's, resulted from the study of just those (mentioned in my posts) phenomena.

        While what I've posted are my postulations (far as PCs); they are based on some VERY SOLID SCIENCE (Physics/QED).






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I have an old Shunyata 4 outlet Hydra power conditioner bought at reduced price on Ebay. Only the CD transport and Holo May dac are plugged into it. The conditioner was not making a very noticeable difference until I plugged a Shunyata Delta AC power cord ( from dedicated line Hubbell hospital wall outlets to conditioner) into it. That made a very noticeable difference for the better. This cable is made specifically for Shunyata power conditioners and has enough pure silver in it to make it expensive.

All of the rest of my power cables are Level 3 AntiCables which I like a lot though the all copper blades need to be de-oxidized periodically.

People harp and argue a lot about cables not making a difference because how could they - they can only be as good as the mains power feeding them, but my take has always been that any wire is essentially a filter. That filtering can be executed cleanly or not.

I also made some mineralized grounding boxes (signal ground type) for the transport, dac and subwoofers and that lowered noise floor enough to distinctly hear a difference.

Tweakers have more party.

"The founder of Shunyata has an article or video somewhere on his site that explains how looking at power like plumbing is wrong and explains how to look at it and why it works."



simna OP

Is the sole purpose with high end cables to deliver the power as stable and clean as possible?

1) No. Not for stable power. Every cables the electricity passes from the power plant to your audio gears affect the shape, texture, and tone of sound of your system. The structure and quality of good PC will decide the sound of PC. And that PC sound will be added to existing audio sound.

If a good sound PC (not more expensive PC) is used instead of a bad sound PC, the result will be cleaner.

Is the sole purpose with a power conditioner to clean and deliver stable power?

2) The power cable can’t clean the electricity. The PC can’t clean the electric noise from hair dryer. Dirty electric noises from the power plant and neighbor’s wash machine are all in the power. Of course, my home hair dryer has more electric noise than neighbor’s dryer. But the PC can’t clean the electricity.

The input and output of most power conditioner (transformer type) are not directly connected. So, the power cond can clean the power some degree. However, since all PC and power cond are not made perfectly (makers have no idea how to make a perfect audio PCs), there are more bad than good.

But there are people that says that power conditioners drains the life out of the music. Why is that? What has gone wrong then?

3) I know no one has figured out about power cord and power conditioner yet. Cable companies have no idea. Some does bit better because they have more experience. In my view, those even 30-40 years experienced ones know almost nothing.

The sound difference between PCs are so small. May be max 10% of total sound. 40% of the total sound is wrong and that 10% doesn’t matter much and will not fix the true problem. The human ears are just so sensitive to find out which is better. The better doesn’t mean it is perfect. Anyway they don’t satisfy anyone anymore in few days.

But I have also heard bad change in the sound when I have replaced several ordinary power cables with ”better cables”. Why is that?

4) They are not "better cables." More expensive are not "better cables." Many times stock cables sound better than expensive badly made cables. The PC maker has no idea.

How can the power cable from the wall outlet to a power conditioner have any importance?

5) If a good PC is used (between the wall to PC) instead of a bad PC, the final sound will be cleaner, warmer, and smoother.

The power has traveled through miles of ”ordinary cable” to my wall outlet, so how can this last bit to the power conditioner, that is supposed to clean the dirty power, have any impact on the sound?

Read #2.


I added a 4AWG/per conductor power cord from the Furutech wall outlet to the PS Audio P20 and another 4AWG power cord from the P20 to the high current Steve McCormack modified DNA-1. The increased amperage was well-appreciated by Tekton Design Double Impact speakers. Each of those speakers has 11 drivers requiring amperage to reproduce sound. The additional amperage is all I can attribute to the improved sound. I listen to music at around 50dB and the dynamics peaks are around 73dB…happiness achieved.