Power cable suggestions for Pioneer turntable

Hello all,

I'm on the hunt for a power cable for a Pioneer PLX-1000 direct drive turntable with an Ortofon 2m black cart. This setup is on the bright side so I'm seeking something neutral or towards the warm side. Budget is $400 new or used. 


Power cable for the motor will not change the way your turntable sounds. +1 on seeking a cartridge upgrade. And look elsewhere in your system and room acoustics for a solution to this problem. 

Two sane responses! I have the PLX 1000 with a Denon 103R mc cartridge. It doesn't sound excessively bright!

Save your money. Power cable will not do it. Post the rest of your equipment and a bit about your room if you want people to comment on what might be the issue.

                       Regarding the above recommendations:

                                                 +1 (each)

So you guys use the stock cable that came with your turn table is what you are saying?