Power Cable Suggestions

Will be receiving used Mark Levinson No 436 monoblock amps and would appreciate power cord recommendations, preferabley under $500, or stick with the stock power cords.
Isn't it a little weired to invest in power cables without also investing in power cleaning and power stabilization? Not into this yet, just wondering.
I find DIY interconnects harder to duplicate great sonics, DIY power cables are pretty easy to hear an improvement in sound. Even 6 or 8 gauge Home Depot wire with some clamps on it will sound better than stock cord. Sonic craft has some nice premade power cord wire. You can also check Parts Connextion they may still have a sale going on. One thing I found the power cable connections quality make a big difference. Also the cheap 80 cent contractor wall outlet can be improved with a $10 pass Seymour or Hubble outlet.

Power cords make a big difference. If someone disagree with that. 1)Never ever tried..2) tried with a very cheep system. 3) tried with same quality  cables and don’t notice a difference. Why in forums like that people Stil disagree about that?
Power cord is one of the more incomprehensible things I've experienced in audio. How can a cable that is not a part of the audio signal chain make a difference in sound...but it does.
I've tested a good number of different designs and I do find power cables to make a more noticeable difference in the source components such as CD players than it does in a SS amplifier though.   
Audioquest, particularly the thunder power cord. Also in use are the NRG X-3's for my sources....cd/sacd player, dac...they sound nice to me, and I believe made a difference on the noise floor...it has been lowered a bit, at least to my ears, results may vary...