Power cables for ARC VT100MK2

Looking fo advice on power cables for this amp.$200-300 range used.
I have an ARC LS 2 MK II and ARC D 200 and both have non-replacable power cords, uggghh

Is this something the factory can modify?


Tom, To answer you're above concern,yes it can however save you're money on round trip freight by calling Leonard and requesting the kit for replacing stock cords.It comes with a punch out for the back plate.So now you've invested a little time,patience and some money for a decient PC.... Good luck and happy tunes........
GMorris -

I heard that AR recommends the Shunyata King Cobra as the best pc for that VT100. But I believe the gentlemen was looking for something in the $200-300 range. Also I've heard all the Shunyata cords and I would not make the broad statement about their tonal balance, in that one respect I noted differencies not similarities. The other comment - true.