Power Cables - Third Party or OEM

For the conversation let's say I am an Isotek or Shunyata user of their Power Conditioners. Both OEM's have an excellent selection of power cords for the conditioner as well as to other components like amps, DAC's, phono stages, etc. Is there a benefit to using the Isotek or Shunyata cables or going with a third party like Cardas or Nordost power cable?

This seems like an engineering discussion versus a listening discussion. The OEM's know their Power Conditioners so that is where i'm stumped. I, like some others here like uniformity and having all their cables from the same manufacturer. Thanks in advance for your input.


as long as you're not using crappy OFC wire which some of the most expensive wire companies use that's junk use OCC single crystal round wire or OCC single crystal rectangular wire which is even better than the round either silver or copper will be very good much better than the OFC stuff at any price they charge.

When I had a BPT conditioner, it sounded best with their top of the line power cord...though in general I find power cords somewhat less predictable than other cords/cables...

Unless you have hours and weeks to fart around stick with the recommendation from the manufacturer. 

I built my own using Furutech components. It was fun and I could make custom lengths.