Power Cables which take the soundstage back

I have almost always focused on ICs and Spk Cables...but I always knew that Power chords also make a good difference. This is the first time I am venturing seriously into power chords. I am not looking for anything fancy. Primarily I see power chords should be doing the following:

a) Clean up the background noise (because of better shielding etc) which a stock chord would not be doing a good job at.

b) Provide good current capabilities which enables to make music denser, tones get more body and especially bass gets meatier and tighter (the last one normally happens more often)

These are primarily two things I am looking at.
I have tried some power chords in the near past and I have observed one common pattern:

1. Power chords which tighten up the bass (in comparison to stock chords) also bring the images a bit forward.

2. Some Power chords do a good job of taking the soundstage further back...I dont know how and why but I have seen it happening. Some of them end up presenting a bit loose bass in the process (only some of them)

So, for me at this point, a power chord which can take the soundstage back (without introducing anomalies like loose bass) would be a wonderful addition. Thats a very critical requirement for me. I am sure you guys would have experienced power chords which do such things. I am not intending to shell out more than $200 (new or used) at this point. Kindly suggest.
Buying a expensive power cord gives you the placebo effect.After all,it must sound better because it cost a lot more.
A good power cord makes a huge improvement in your system. Like all things audio, the law of diminishing returns is still alive and evident so the improvement level per dollar spent will vary, but it is absolutely real. It's very easy to get on the bandwagon that says you're wasting your money upgrading your power cord and that all you need is one that passes the needed amount of current for your amp... or that it's the money spent/ placebo effect arguments... or plenty more ...but: Any experienced audiophile with less than unlimited funds will audition expensive power cords in their own system before committing to any serious expenditures, whether through loaners from friends, local clubs, local stores, or even with the many reputable cable companies that will actually let you try them for trial periods with money back guarantees. I have found most people who don't believe power cords can make a serious improvement in their system probably fall into one of the following camps, and I speak from experience because I WAS as adamantly against them as anyone, BEFORE I finally gave it a try:
* the engineer who "knows" that there is no credible basis in fact that they could possibly make any difference at all.
* The "Let's join the 'common sense club' and rally against the greedy, horribly overpriced cable manufacturers trying to convince us often frustrated/addicted/obsessed audiophiles of yet another version of voodoo tweak which we will need to spend even more money on in order to take our systems to an 'even higher' level".
and my personal favorite group:
* the "I've spent so much !f#$*!n! money on my system so far that now you're going to tell me that I've GOT to spend hundreds or even thousands more replacing perfectly fine factory issued stupid ten dollar power cords or else my system will never be nearly as good as it could or should?! I Won't believe you! I REFUSE! I simply won't believe ANYBODY who says this is really true! I can't ...it's too much more money! Nope, It's simply not true and I will surely defend that opinion against anyone who says otherwise!!!"
Sorry fellas.
Been there, tried not to believe it... swore against it.
Then I finally crossed the line and tried a very entry level aftermarket cord, just to replace the stock one... just to secretly see...
Darn darn darn. That was it, Oh NOOOO! It's True! They DO make a significant improvement.
Your ears won't lie to you.
So what do you do now?
One of two things I suppose: either continue to ignore the truth, happily sitting in your well defended appropriate group... OR, ... actually ... try one... or even 2... and LET YOUR EARS TELL YOU.
Be brave, don't be afraid to try...
but if you don't, just know from here, that those of us who have, and who know, are getting pretty tired of listening to you argue against something you don't even have the open mind to try.
Argument(s) over.
Happy Lissn'n
All I can say about higher priced cords is to take apart high end amps,preamps and cd players and look to see what they wire with ( From male IEC through fuse to transformer)? If silver wire and the like can improve the sound, it seems to me it's alot cheaper to use this method to make their equipment sound great than to pay designers and engineers to develop great sounding circuit design(tube or solid state, we'll just use silver or another magical material
and save money in manufacturing = more profit. If that worked, they would all do it.
Interesting read nomatter which way you lean http://www.roger-russell.com/wire/wire.htm
Lissnr, I've done that test. I have bought several very expensive power cords to try with my amps, preamp and soucrces, and there was no apprciable improvement over the first level of cords I had bought. None at all. So about $2000 worth of cables replacing my modest cables, and no improvement at all.

I put the Signal Cable cords back into play, sold the other power cords and I was very happy. Were the signal cables an improvment over the stock cords? Yes they were, but after getting a dedicated line put in, with a PS Audio Soloist wall socket, PS Audio Duet conditioner for my amps, and an APC S15 for all the other gear, my power situation is great. All I needed was a conduit to get to those nicely designed circuits.

I once again contend that I have never heard any super high end power cord that made much if any difference over the first level of after market cords. Clean the power first, as everyone does, then get it to the very nicely designed circuits.

Avoid the MAGIC cords.
with all due respect guys, it is wrong to blanket state anyone should just discount completely experimenting with cords. it is very clear that many have found significant gains from using them (as i have). sharing your experience seems appropriate but out right telling someone to stay away from them is not. it is very possible that they would benefit from them, it is also possible that they will not. i do not understand how someone wouldn't have the same positive experience that i did but that does not mean it doesn't happen!