Power Conditioner: Isotek, Audioquest or other?


I know a lot of you do not like or believe in power conditioners. But I want to protect my system and improve sound and video quality.

I am trying to decide between the ISOTEK evo3 Aquarious and the Audioquest Niagara 1200 for my main system. I have read good reviews about them both, asked a couple of shops and one recomended the Niagara and the other the Isotek. Both gave the same reason: "it souds better".

First system: Power amp, preamp/dac, tv, computer, computer motitor, ruter, nas. (Probably will plug the last 4 on a different power strip)

For my second system, I am thinking about the Audioquest Powerquest 3, but I can not find any reviews. So, can any one tell me about their experience with it? I am open to other sugestions also.

Second system: Power amp, preamp, network player/dac, tv, computer and network switch. (These will all be plugged in to the Powerquest for example). I also like the powerquest3 because of the on off switch. I do not use this system as much so I like to cut the power off completly.

If you need specifics on my systems, I will give no problem.
Right now I am using 2 Salicru safe7 surge protectors, they are cheapos and probably not the best in protection or for my system.


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I don't own the AQ Niagara but bought a few for three friends.  Heard the first one in my buddies system Klipish Horns and the noise floor dropped creating a very overall sweet sound, nothing harsh, blacker background, more details, very noise free.  Same experience as Tvad.

Happy Listening.
I tried everything including PS Audio AC regenerators the best is a 220v line using a 220v
isolation transformer. 
I  use the Richard Gray RM 240v Substation 
that can handle over 4,000 watts.
 I should be getting my Audioquest Niagara 1200 tomorrow. It's just what I need to see through my shelter in place predicament. It should keep me busy for awhile but I'll definitely post my impressions on it.

I've been looking at it for about a year now and just had to scratch that itch. Using some High Fidelity MC 0.5 passive conditioners proved that there are nasties residing on the incoming AC. 

All the best,
I opt for "other". "Other" is the disruptor brand of power conditioning known as ADD-Powr.
It is a radical approach to AC conditioning.
The Sorcer and Wizard units are not so much power conditioners as they are electrical environment conditioners!
They saturate the electrical grid and my components' power supplies with harmonics, which I am told are derived from a low frequency fundamental pulse signal.
No kidding, ADD-Powr really adds the "S" or signal and ignores the "N" or noise in that old ratio!
You simply get more dBs but in varying degrees.
Very much worth a try.