Power conditioner/surge protection for Hegel H200?

I recently bought a Hegel H200 integrated which I'm very happy with, but it's plugged into a knob-and-tube 2-wire wall socket (via an adapter, of course) and I'm thinking my system the might benefit from some power conditioning. It's also been strongly recommended that I get some good surge protection for it. I've only done online research so far, looking at PS Audio Dectet, Richard Gray, Surgex, Shunyata and a few others. Would be grateful for recommendations.
I hate power conditioners and that is why I installed dedicated lines and plugged everything into the wall.Clean,clear and blissful sound with no conditioning or filtering.You sell your house and move and that is the one thing you just can't take with you.A new semi rural area with stable,but suspect power and you are back to square one.Throw in thunderstorms and lightning and you are looking at power conditioners.My quest led me to PS Audio and the Perfect Wave P 10 power plant.I purchased one,a demo unit with a 30 day return policy fully intending to return it unimpressed.Count me in as surprised and I experienced Quite the opposite with my entire system plugged in,it sounds fantastic and I dare say better than the dedicated lines.I did install Porter Ports and did some new,dedicated lines and wiring to the box.I also purchased a PS Audio top of the line line power cord for the power plant,i was fortunate to find a half meter at a serious price reduction from Audio Advisor.Nobody wants a half meter power cord but this is perfect for me.
There is no compromise in sound quality,just the opposite and we are well protected from any of the nasties lurking in the power lines and the unusual weather.
Lots of people will look at the price of this unit and ask why would they spend that much,as much as an amp,or amps,but I have grown to consider this Power Plant as another integral element of a great sounding system.
I al so have a PS Audio P10 and have been very happy with it. I believe they give you 30 days to try it. If you do not like it return it for a full refund. Good luck
WyWires makes a wonderful power distributor. It's totally passive, but it makes a big improvement. I reviewed it recently on Dagogo.