Power conditioner vs use of a audio grade outlet?

If I have a $7000 Power conditioner and really nice power cables is there a need for audio grade outlet? Maybe it's a dumb question but if I didn't have this other good stuff maybe I should get an audio grade outlet.

Pangea seems to offer a good outlet for about 100 bucks. 


I like to follow the NEC and that gets violated a lot by audiophiles. 😂 I'm going to recommend you a solution that not only has a death grip, but costs < $50 and meets all the NEC and UL requirements you can think of.

Outlets in homes must be tamper resistant, and that usually means a Commercial/Residential grade outlet OR if you are lucky, Hospital Grade / Tamper Resistant. I’ve yet to come across any of the so-called audio outlets which meet this requirement. Here is an affordable one that does:


Also, I’ve found it’s not just the outlet, but the plug. I recently substituted a hospital grade plug (perfectly acceptable for homes) and my goddess, the grip the combination of outlet and plug have now. I used this one because I needed a 90 degree plug to keep the cabling flat to the wall, but similar units would work too:



Screw Pangea.  Here’s a really nice Maestro outlet that has faced many challengers.  For $89 IMHO it’s a no brainer…


IMO a high cost outlet does nothing for better sound, it is the placebo effect. Use a hospital grade 20 amp rated outlet about $10. The power conditioner does have a slight but noticeable effect on noisy lines. Some power conditioners work, others not so much. I used one in NYC, but not needed where I live now. You will have to research power conditioners to find a good unit.