Power conditioner vs use of a audio grade outlet?

If I have a $7000 Power conditioner and really nice power cables is there a need for audio grade outlet? Maybe it's a dumb question but if I didn't have this other good stuff maybe I should get an audio grade outlet.

Pangea seems to offer a good outlet for about 100 bucks. 


@erik_squires  you will not get any argument from me re NEC.  I am totally learning.  It was just that I participated in a thread not all that long ago, ad to make the long story shorter, I was saying that I had 20A outlets and 12-2 and I was protecting them with a 15A breaker as I thought that would be safer.  I was told that the breaker itself was what determined the circuit, and although I might be right that having the lower amperage breaker to be on the safe side of tripping, to be compliant my breaker and outlet should match.  At least that was the way I interpreted the advice I was getting.