Power Conditioners

The more I read the more I am confused. Passive conditioners, power re-generators, new technologies, yikes!

I am suffering from the common system goes dead in the evening but magically comes back to life like a vampire at midnight. Seems like a clear sign the power is not what it should be. Have decent power cables with a PS Audio Quintet but been thinking a power conditioner might be just what my system needs to sound like midnight all the time.

As usual I am a victim of too much internet research but will probably start with a demo of an Isotek unit from my local hifi shop. Also have PS Audio Premier Powerplant, Torus, Richard Gray, and Furman in the general vicinity.

But then started reading user reviews of Audience (2T is not that pricey) and then MajikBuss and they sound like they have wow factor potential.

Okay need to come clean and admit that I have no dedicated power in this room - do in another room but that is my second system. Waiting for an electrician for a kitchen renovation to do dedicated circuits.

System is Accuphase integrated amp to Harbeth with good quality cd source and computer source as well. Any experience or advice to share with me about power conditioning?
Power conditioners are like cables- you've got to listen to them in your system to see which approach works for you. That said you've got to audition a synergistic Powercell.
Two words. Sound Applications. Though expensive your ears and system will thank you. Teamed with Oyiade receptacles, Elrod power cords and 20 amp dedicated ac you'll be in audio heaven.
Definately try as many as you can,most audio stores will let you audition at home.For me I've been thru a few conditioners
and have discovered the Torus PIUs,if you can I'd put this on your short list.I don't have to keep looking,upgrading my conditioners anymore.I find it odd that some companies come out with one pc,then part II ect.Torus have units that go by how much power your system would like 10a,15,20 up to 100a.
And besides that they give more power in reserve when the system requires it,up to I believe 400a of dynamic power
short term).Having reserve power in reserve makes a Huge
difference when your amps call for it and especially with your music.Music,afterall is DYNAMIC isn't it.
All the people I know that have tried the Torus,it hasn't
left their room.I would if you can put a Torus on your audition list.
Have the PS Audio Premier Powerplant on the entire front end and it's all like/no dislike in what it does for the sound. I don't find as some say, that it has a sound quality "like a component or wire", what I do find is it just quiets the mains down "like Midnight playing" and it seems to make the background blacker to me. That alone makes the price of entry well worth the expense. Every once in a while we take it out of the kit just for a little reality check. One thing to note, the effect of taking a power conditioner like the PS Audio out is more recognizable and profound than putting it into the system in my experience.
Cleaning up the mains is a big part of good sound.

Happy (mains) Listening!