Power Conditioners/Voltage regularts for 230v

Okay, why is this so hard? I recently moved to Europe -- to Italy, where we live with 230v/50hz -- and getting an affordable surge protector/conditioner/voltage regulator seems to be impossible. Monster (hush, now, they're perfectly fine) makes such a device. However, what costs $500 or so in the states costs $1,400 over here (with the exchange rate).

I bought a decent surge protector/UPS for my computer system here for a reasonable $100 or so. Does the job and has already done so (we lose power on a regular basis).

Any suggestions? I don't want to spend a ton on this gear; I just want to protect my amp and peripherals.
Welcome to Europe? Guess you're gonna hate that $6 gas and the $800 Xbox 360 et al. Besides, no surge protector, much less one retailing for $500, is going to protect an audio system without degrading its performance.
Assuming you're not looking for a 230/110 voltage down-converter, in Italy locally made Systems And Magic Blacknoise leaps to my mind, the Miniblack comes in at EUR 225,- (in their online shop), but make sure whether it does all the things you want it to do (don't know whether "spikes and overvoltage protection" means surges if the worst comes to the worst)

Otherwise, there is the HMS Energia Powerbar that has surge protection, they should be on the Italian market, otherwise just order it in Germany (8 outlets, about EUR 400) And then there is PS Audio that is becoming ever more prominent on the European market, the Duet (in Europe 2 outlets only!) comes in at EUR 500, duh!

Dutch made Kemp and English made Isotek are two more serious names with a solid reputation, they offer strips with surge protection, 4 outlets in the EUR 400-500 range.
Get the Audio Magic Stealth Mini Reference directly from Jerry Ramsey. That would be the lowest cost real solution since your system will sound much better after putting it in.