Power Conditioning and PC for Bel Canto Gear

I'm looking to add some power conditioning (and power cords)to my rig and would like to hear from other Bel Canto CD-2/DAC3 users to see what they have found to be successful.

I know that I need to demo them on my rig, but would like a few hints in what to try. It seems like the market for power conditioning is ever expanding.


On my DAC 3 Itried several power cords and conditioners... and posted a review of it just the other day here on A'gone.

My main preff changes though it does quite well with a resolving straight forward sort of cord. Digitally designed cords seemed to make the DAC 3 more sluggish, veiled, or just too warm. of course that can all change depending upon how your system sounded prior to the DAC 3s arrival.

I like either my Taipan helix Alpha, or Voodoo Tesla II giving the juice to it.

I also preffered it coming off a Haley PLC. Although I did use Duets, and straight out of a 20A dedicated ckt. the Haley supply cord is a Elrod Sig III and my amps also are driven via that connection.

A nice Digital cable that isn't too clouded is the Nirvana pc. I tried VD Power III, shunyata Python VX, Voodoo Gold and Black dragons too. Except for the Python VX, any of these can provide very good results without being restrictive to flow or resolution.
On my Dac3,I have a Purist Audio PC,the cheapest one,forget the model....also their IC's going to the preamp.The PC goes into a BPT1.Those are the only one's I've tried so theres not much I can tell you.I would love to experiment,but no money now.......I am liking the sound with the setup.First attempt at computer based source.Having Merlins and Counterpoint amp and pre so lots of resolution and overall good sounding.I too am watching for what guys are using and one day will try out the variables.....good luck in your ventures also,Bob
I use Bel Canto with stock cords on the source components. I tried a heavier gua. cable with them and no difference. Also tried some ridiculously expensive Acoustic Zen and yup, you guessed it...no difference.
Power amps gained a bit more energy with a 10gua. cable.
I might try a Signal cable silver design just for kicks. Looks cool and the price is right!
My opinion only, to each is own.

Hmmm. I didn't notice much change at all using my Onkyo HT receiver + BC DAC3. However, using it with a better power train, and/or as a preamp connected directly to an amp, every cable swap showed diffs. PC or IC... which BTW, isn't always a good thing.

On digi links, that Stereovox XV2 sure does a bang up job. I tried to gain some improvements by trying out one costing near 5 times as much, but felt I couldn't justify buying the more expensive one after all, as the increases were marginal at best, and just more a different sound than a better sound.
I've tried lots of power conditions in my my system, and found none worth the cost...they all in one way or another ruined the sound. My advice.. test one for a couple of days, and then remove it from the system and re-evaluate the sound. Yes they all change the sound somewhat, and I usually like the change, but find that without them, the sound is more natural, and musical.


I agree... they do change the sound. Even how they are positioned (platforms, spikes, pods, MDF, etc) CHANGES THINGS TOO.

Ever try a Running springs Audio unit? the Haley I got a while back sure has allowed far greater dynamics to flow thrugh. Progbably has a lot to do with the price tags. Two other friends say the Jacko, or the next step up is even far better.