Power conditioning for digital gear AND tube amp?

My system is a 125w KT88 tube integrated amp and digital sources w/ a tubed DAC...
What type of power conditioning should I go for???

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Jriggy - Chris isn't interested in helping you? Did he say that, or just that you haven't been able to get in touch with him? I know he used to be full time with building BPT stuff, but when things slowed down a couple years ago, he took a full time job somewhere else. I think the BPT stuff is the best price/performance conditioning out there, so would say keep trying him. He's usually very good at getting back with customers quickly. Maybe he's been on a vacation?

But you are probably right about buying new. The big balanced units are VERY heavy, so a couple extra trips in shipping would probably eat up any savings over buying used.
Have you done any improvements on your dwellings VAC such as a higher amperage dedicated breaker/s with corresponding wire gauge, possibly uninterrupted BX metal clad from breaker to receptacle?
Sorry about your experience with chris(BPT).I`ve used the BP-3.5 Signature Plus(balanced AC transformer) for the past 4 years and it is simply an excellent product.Everything improves with it in my system including dynamics and scale.Despite the large transformer(65 pounds) it is dead quiet(no hum at all).Chris was very helpful and responsive in my experience with him.The benefits of balanced AC power is undeniable in my opinion.
Just a heads up. If you are going to buy Purepower power conditioners/regenerators make sure it is from Purepower AVPS and a reputable dealer. I remember some weeks back some heated exchanges in some threads here as well threads about bad service regarding Purepower in Canada. Purepower AVPS is USA based.

The power conditioning I'm going to use for my digital gear and tube gear are as follows.

PS Audio Power Port Receptacle -> Emotiva CMX-6 AC Filter -> Tice Power Block -> 2 Topaz Isolation transformers (1.8 kVa and a 1.0 kVa). The tube amp will be plugged into the 1.8 kVa Topaz and the digital gear (Oppo BDP-83SE and SS preamp) will be plugged into the l.0 kVa Topaz. This is still all up in the air but I'm strongly leaning toward this combination. One potential issue I have is that with all these Isolation transformers the humming that emanates from all of them might drive me bonkers during quiet passages in music.