Power Conditioning, Regeneration and Cords

I'm not really sure what, if anything, I should try.

I live in the middle of an urban area. I don't have any dedicated outlets for my equipment. I'm hopefully going to be able to get an electrician to wire dedicated outlets (this is something I'm going to do, for sure).

After that... what? I have a cd player, a preamp, an amp, a record player, and two electrostatic speakers. That's a lot of cords! (the amp is has two, two for the speakers, one for the record player, pre and cd player, and then one for my tv and one for my vcr!... at least nine!!)

All i'm using now is a tripp lite heavy duty surge protector... just because it's giving me the number of outlets I need...

I'm wondering what will make a difference. Can I just keep all my stuff plugged into a surge protector, and then add something like a "quiet line" to my outlets (I think those are about $25 a piece)? Should I get a PS Audio 300 for my cd player and analog (can i plug both of them into a unit like that... i mean, will their noise be isolated?)...

i see some power conditioners like chang light speed and soundapplication, and they just look like overgrown powerstrips! i mean, what do these really do??

AC regeneration kind of makes sense, more so than isolation transformers, (I talked to a guy who makes isolation transformers, and he said that they are good for getting rid of common noise like stuff coming in from the outside, but not good at getting rid of differential noise, like stuff coming from other appliances running in your house...), filters on the wall outlets also make sense, and a dedicated outlet makes sense.. not sure if i'm missing anything, not really sure what any of it will actually do.

I mean, I'm not really sure that i hear any noise!! believe that or not!
I have everything (including projection TV) plugged into a PS Audio P600 Powerplant, except my power amp. It makes a very noticable difference. It really quiets the systems and reveals more detail. The TV looks clearer with slightly truer colors. The P600 comes with 8 outlets. You might not need to plug the "record player" into any device, except to ground it properly. BTW: I have "Quiet Lines" and didn't notice any difference from them. (I had them before the powerplant).
An audio magic stealth would make a huge difference, it doesn't regenerate the power, it conditions it and does amazing things with it. I have two small ones, one for my analog, the other for the digital. I live in a city as well with dirty power and I used to have a powerplant, this think really blows it away. Just give it a try, people with the 4200 dollar sound application like it more.
believe it or not, even a turntable motor benefits from an upgrade AC cord & high stability power regeneration. Thus the VPI SDS with the Acoustic Sounds' special "turntable AC cord"