Power Conditioning, Torus, Audience or David Gray?

Just upgraded speakers to B&W 804s, purchased Rotel HD tuner and inquired with dealer about Torus line conditioner (distributed by Bryston) and was told that for the money they recommend the Rotel Line Conditioner ($500.00 price point and manufactured by APC). I have read about the Audience aR1p and was thinking af adding it inline with the Rotel. However once you start research you get overloaded, this is where David Gray comes in, any thoughts about the David Gray -vs- Audience product?
I think you mean Richard Gray, I would add PurePower to the list, they are regenerators with battery backup and are the best I've found, oh and I no longer fear turning my system on during lightning storms with it in my system!
As I have so often said, whatever you find most satisfying after you have listened to it for some time, remove it an listen. I have mostly found that I prefer nothing. The Acoustic Revive RTP-6 is the most recent counter experience.

Mainly, I find filters rob the music of life and dynamics while smearing the mid-range.
I haven't tried all the brands you list, but I can tell you that the AR1p dramatically improved my system in terms of noise floor, separation and overall clarity. I'm using one at the end of a Wiremold strip. I've tried 2 PS strips in the past and found they both negatively impacted the sound, IMO.

Keep in mind that the effect any power conditioner will have is highly dependent on the initial quality of the power in your home, as well as the ability of your components to deal with the AC as it comes from the wall. As with any component, it's a matter of system compatibility and I don't think you can generalize that something is "good" or "bad". There are several AR1p's for sale at reasonable prices on A'gon and I think it's worth trying. You won't take much of a loss if you decide to sell.
Most of the reviews I have read for the Ar1p have been with it in line with another conditioner and the reviewer liked it. Price point makes sense. I have been toying with the idea of running a dedicated 20A outlet from the panel box with hospital grade outlet. Glad to hear from someone who has tried the Ar1p instead of a paid reviewer.
By all means: run the dedicated line(heaviest possible gauge) to your listening room. The Richard Grey products are actual power purifiers and not fancy power strips which can and will cause sonic anomalies. Everyone's AC has noise generated by everything else online from the power station to their outlet. The improvements are more what's missing(noise/hash/grunge) than anything that added. They just allow more of what was always there to be appreciated(via a "blacker background"). I would spring for the extra $$ and go with the RGPC products. Have you plans to upgrade your power cords too? Noticable benefit can be gained there as well.