Power conditions for Integrated Amps

Anyone using a power conditioner for an integrated? I keep hearing to plug your amp direct into a wall, and use a conditioners for the rest of your equipment. So, what do you use for an integrated? I'd like to hear from actual integrated amp owners mostly. Others are welcomed to chime in of course!


My Vitus SIA-025 MkII direct into wall and all my digital into AQ Niagara 3000.

I use the Furutech gold plated copper wall sockets.

My power meter is mounted directly on top of a high current surge clamp which feeds my 100 amp panel (older house). From there a have a dedicated 220 VAC circuit feeding a Richard Gray Substation Pro, 220 VAC to 120 VAC, 4,000 Watt Isolation transformer with a paralleled Richard Gray 600S choke, finally feeding a PS Audio Powerplant 12 AC regenerator. Wouldnt have it any other way as my power consistency in Southern New England is pretty bad.