Power conditoner..

I have a stand by generator for my house. I've noticed when we have an outage & the generator kicks on the lights in the house are brighter.  They are getting a full 120v.  Because of this I thought a power regenerator would  make a big difference in my stereo.  I installed a PS Audio Stellar 3 Power Plant & I can't tell any difference.  Oh well, live & learn.



That is a good Approximation, BUT

An Amp can ONLY produce  a relative output within and given operating range. If you have say low power you can not get something from nothing, that isn't there to begin with and you will have a comparatively weaker output. If your Bias voltage is off or your output supply voltage is Low/High, your output will change along similar lines. The circuit can TRY to compensate but there is no circuit that can demand an output. Even a constant current amp has it's limitations.
On the other hand your statement about PP is right on and that is a great place to lock in some stability and consistency.

PS Audio PowerPlant, like everything else audio, is a YMMV thing.

"the PP is programmable to put out whatever voltage you want. "

The OP's model does not have that feature.



I have PS Audio M1200 mono-blocks. I haven't listened to the stereo with gen power on. Guess I need to try it.