Power conditoner..

I have a stand by generator for my house. I've noticed when we have an outage & the generator kicks on the lights in the house are brighter.  They are getting a full 120v.  Because of this I thought a power regenerator would  make a big difference in my stereo.  I installed a PS Audio Stellar 3 Power Plant & I can't tell any difference.  Oh well, live & learn.


I’m so pleased with the PP that I use 2 of them. I can hear the improvements with them. The larger one is used for my 300B monoblocks and tube preamp. I can similarly hear improvements with my Studer RTR. The smaller regenerator is for my paired subwoofers alone. The top model PP is highly programmable with variable caps. They work well for me in rural NC with our power concerns. My flea powered system is tuned for analog detail that likely impacts what I can distinguish.


After reading the comments & the way my voltage must be low, I may need to upgrade to the PP12 or 15.


@esarhaddon1 I don't mean 60V but 110 is fine and no place in the US has less than 110V now.  Indeed, a tube amp bias needs adjustment for different voltage.  That's why a power inverter like the PS audio is great for tube amps.  It does make it a little boring--never getting to touch the bias adjustment knob.  

Hope you're having a great audio sunday.


You betcha I'm having a great day and haven't even turned on the music yet! 
Also I was not trying to imply that the changes would be drastic, but just there.
Also I have seen numerous places where the voltage can change anywhere from just under 100v to 130v. I had to call the pub utils just about 6 mo. ago for that particular high voltage and I know of one apt building in Colorado Springs that was having a cascade failure of Air Conditioning units and when they put a voltage recorder on the line they found it was due to something as ridiculous as 95v. Of course I do live in this backwoods outpost known as Denver!