Power conditoner..

I have a stand by generator for my house. I've noticed when we have an outage & the generator kicks on the lights in the house are brighter.  They are getting a full 120v.  Because of this I thought a power regenerator would  make a big difference in my stereo.  I installed a PS Audio Stellar 3 Power Plant & I can't tell any difference.  Oh well, live & learn.


You betcha I'm having a great day and haven't even turned on the music yet! 
Also I was not trying to imply that the changes would be drastic, but just there.
Also I have seen numerous places where the voltage can change anywhere from just under 100v to 130v. I had to call the pub utils just about 6 mo. ago for that particular high voltage and I know of one apt building in Colorado Springs that was having a cascade failure of Air Conditioning units and when they put a voltage recorder on the line they found it was due to something as ridiculous as 95v. Of course I do live in this backwoods outpost known as Denver!

i don’t think you need to upgrade your unit. the main reason to upgrade would be your equipment needs exceed the power regenerator. You could double up the smaller unit ( like a mono block) and dedicate the equipment to each one. 

I have an Inakustic 3500P Power Conditioner for sale on US Audio mart.  I have decided to upgrade to the 4500P level to support a new system.