Power conditoner..

I have a stand by generator for my house. I've noticed when we have an outage & the generator kicks on the lights in the house are brighter.  They are getting a full 120v.  Because of this I thought a power regenerator would  make a big difference in my stereo.  I installed a PS Audio Stellar 3 Power Plant & I can't tell any difference.  Oh well, live & learn.


I have found my amps sound better plugged direct to the wall and not in my P10

You may have good power from the grid as it it. The whole house generator shouldn’t make any difference, I have a generac and when it kicks in there’s literally no difference. Count yourself lucky.

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we have had similar issues in my area. It was discovered that some apartment complexes had individual certain families each occupying every room. Meaning five to six families living in a single unit. They would steal electricity by running extension cords to outside outlets of any property near by or from the complex it self. This would cause a drop in service that they could not account for until discovered. With 20 to 30 million more it’s going to get much worse. I know how bad things are in Denver as I attended a work conference there and can tell you I will never and I mean never go back. We had a three year contract and cancelled the two remaining years. Good luck and enjoy the music.