Power Cord

Chord Dave owners...what power cords and interconnect cables are you using?

I don’t believe that a specific brand of power cord is supposedly matched best to a specific brand/model of audio device. In my experience, it really comes down to power cord material (metallurgy) and composition/geometry.

I recently made a set of power cords by getting an Audioquest NRG-4 (the best Audioquest cord without the DBS battery). I chopped the ends and put Furutech rhodium connectors on. These power cords excelled! the NRG-4 uses their best PSC+ copper, which is the Audioquest version of OCC. Audioquest is also the only company I found that uses solid core conductors. The NRG-4 uses 4 x 19awg for hot, which makes 13awg. The neutral/ground are 5 x 21awg, which is 14awg.

In all my testing, solid core always wins.  Stranded just does not sound right - I found it gives a solid-state digital effect (or lo-fi).  I have tested this even with high grade Furutech OCC copper stranded cords.

I had Wireworld Platinum power cords, but they were only 1 meter. I moved my components around and required one 2 meter and one 2.5 meter power cords. Today I decided to try Wireworld Silver Electra 7 with upgraded plugs. After listening all day, I submit the Silver Electra 7 gives up very little to the Platinum. It may be because I’m comparing a 1 meter Platinum cord to a 2 meter Silver Electra 7 cord. I’m keeping the Wireworld for now.
Marc Tunis Silver Ghost.Ridiculously as good as it gets at a favorable price point.
I auditioned Shunyata Sigma NR power cords a couple weeks ago in my system. I thought they were different, but didn't add enough to my musical enjoyment to sell my Wireworld Electras.
Since then I decided to pursue interconnect cables. Long story short, after a home audition I replaced my Wireworld Platinum Eclipse 7 XLR with Audioquest Fire.
I sold my Wireworld Silver Eclipse 7 speaker cable. This weekend I will have a listen to Shunyata Alpha speaker cables. I hope to have a home audition of Clarus Crimson speaker cables in a week.