Power cord choice?

Hoping to change (or upgrade) my current PC in use with my ARC CD3 Mk2. Currently I'm using a Locus Designs Polestar and setting a limit $600 max. I'd like to find a cord that can get more micro details from the ARC yet, I'd like to retain the smoothness but, try to open the sound stage and get a little more bottom in doing so. I listen to Alt rock (Sir Sly, The Killers, Gargage), rock, blues using Classe CAP 151 integrated and Apogee Slant 6s. I know this is subjective but, I'm also doing my best to work with my budget constraints and I'm not going to change if the improvement would just be slightly incremental. I'd like suggestions to consider, please.
I would try an audio magic power cord they are incredible on source components.
You guys are all wrong. Watch this video from an electrical engineer/musician. It’s solves the battle

@thyname, you got any ranch dressing for that word salad?  Those quotes are complete and utter nonsense.  And that bit about the PC being the first 3 feet as seen by the component is classic slick advertising.

I can send you a "Noteworthy Acoustics" PC that will likely exceed your expectations. These use high quality Furutech connectors as well as passive filtering in the sheathing (via various compounds) to reduce static electricity & RFI/EFI issues. MSRP is $800 but if interested, will send you a 6' PC for $600. If it doesn't meet your expectations, send it back within 45 days for a full refund. 

Disclaimer: I'm the owner of "Noteworthy Acoustics" 

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