Power cord choice?

Hoping to change (or upgrade) my current PC in use with my ARC CD3 Mk2. Currently I'm using a Locus Designs Polestar and setting a limit $600 max. I'd like to find a cord that can get more micro details from the ARC yet, I'd like to retain the smoothness but, try to open the sound stage and get a little more bottom in doing so. I listen to Alt rock (Sir Sly, The Killers, Gargage), rock, blues using Classe CAP 151 integrated and Apogee Slant 6s. I know this is subjective but, I'm also doing my best to work with my budget constraints and I'm not going to change if the improvement would just be slightly incremental. I'd like suggestions to consider, please.
Dynamic Design. Lotus AE15. Trasparent, 3-D (layered and wide) big, quiet, easy detail, neutral, etc. etc.  There's one for sale on USAudioMart that would fit your budget. The different will be notable. I'm using the bigger brother Titania and have heard the Lotus. Less tonal density, but that's just being picaune and not true compared to other pc's in the same range. I wouldn't fault that at all - not really noticeable without a/b comparison tp the Tiatnia - you don't miss your water 'til it's gone kind of thing. 

You will get many, many responses but you will never know what's right for you and your system until you actually demo some cables. Use YOUR own ears!   

There are cable manufacturers that sell direct with risk-free home trials.

Another option: The Cable Company's "cable lending library". One advantage to the latter is the cables will most likely already be burned in. 

There are extensive cable shoot-outs on the Audio Bacon site which might or might not be helpful. 

I have listened to several different power cords in my system and yes they sound different with everything else being an equivalent . Get a couple of and check out them out. the foremost expensive ones don’t always win either, but your brain may convince your ears otherwise.
Great. A guy comes on looking for power cable recommendations and some tone deaf Troll derails the thread with unsolicited, ignorant opinions. Nice.....
What if measurements don’t actually capture everything about how a cable sounds?

To the folks that say that you have miles of electrical cable that run to your outlet, what if a power cable has the effect of filtering out EMI/RFI?

I’ve had a limited amount of experience with power cables but even those sound different. One cable that clearly sounded better on one DAC sounded worse on another DAC. Can anyone explain how psychoacoustic factors would yield that result?

My contribution to this thread: Use the recommendations from others as a starting point only. I suggest trying whatever power cable you are considering in your own system. I would not underestimate the impact of system synergy on what cable works best with your existing components.