Power Cord comparsion

Has anyone compared these brands of power cord (ElectraGlide "FatBoy 24K Gold" vs Shunyata King Cobra or JPS Kaptovator or FIM Gold or NBS or CPCC model TopgunHC) and made any conclusion?
I am also using the FIM Gold pc, KC's cannot compete. Better product and better price!
Have to agree on this one, the FIM's were clearly superior in my system. I tried NBS, Electraglide, Eel's, Black Mamba not the King Cobra. I think that was it. IMO the FIM's are quieter, more dynamic, fuller sounding like the real thing without any loss of detail, one caveat these things take forever to break in, stick with them and it's worth the wait.
Excuse me, but who in the heck is this FIM co. anyway? Can't find 'em on ANY search engine! How much are they, where are they manufactured, ?????? They need to take a lesson from a marketing 101. Or are they purposely trying to be "cool" and "underground"..... (or out of Chuck & Bob's gAArage?)
fim is "first impressions music," a company owned by winston ma. thier website, for now, is devoted to the music software they sell. the cables and wire are made in oregon. they have been in the design stage for some time and are just now coming onto the market. they have become the "wire of choice" at avalon acoustics, which used a prototype of fim's ic's and cables at the 2000 ces. the fim cords are much more widely distributed at this point than cables and ic's. the prices are in the nbs range.