Power cord connectors

Do they matter and if so how much do they matter in the ratio of the cable itself ??

I have Cardas Golden power cords with various connectors.

Ayon Audio CD-1
I have build power cords using Furutech power connectors and was never disappointed. They use the best audiophile grade materials with great mechanical design. They will provide better bass resolution and tightness over run of the mill stock manufacturer power cords.
Ok I bought a Pangea Audio - AC14 from someone that listed a bunch, I'll see what happens. For $30 why not ??
I just found out that interconnect RCA connectors also play a significant role in performance.

I had read about Eichman connectors and their supposed impact on performance.

The design point for the Eichman's is that the large neutral sleeve of a standard actually limit the ability to conduct electrical current', so they use a polymer body for the shell and have a small pin embedded in the inner side that makes contact

I purchased a set of 4 Silver Bullet RCA's and installed them using WBT high content silver solder onto my Stager Silver Solids interconnet.

The result was ...
- a significant improvement in spatial image in all three dimensions
- noticeable improvement in textural detail - especially venue acoustics
- a warmer presentation - especially strings and sibilance
- deeper and better control of bass frequencies

All that from an RCA connector!

Granted - changing from a gold plated brass RCA to a silver played a large part in the fine details, but I believe the Eichman design is largely responsible for the improvement in spatial image

I will be adding DIN connectors to one end of the RCA's in the next couple of weeks - so if the Eichman "small pin theory" is correct, performance should not be impacted - since the DIN connector has small pins

Why DIN? - that is the preferred connector for Naim components - I have a Naim amp
Can you hear a difference between your various Cardas Golden power cords with different connectors?
Can you hear a difference between your various Cardas Golden power cords with different connectors?

I have not tried that yet as I am just getting the them. I just bought a Tara Labs RSC Air and probably will have the Wattgate Basic on it, so no doubt I will put those in my big box of junk for delivery to the Goodwill and get something else to put on them. Then I will see what happens I guess. I bought it after posting this thread and was delivered 8-6 but I am on the road and be home this weekend.