Power Cord for a PS 600

I am trying to decide between another Wahle elite or another T.G.Audio HSRI2 Power cord.

I presently have a Krell Amp connected via 2 Whale Elites (because I am using a Power Port high current in between the wall and the Amp).

On my Power Plant PS 600 I am using a T.G.Audio HSRI2 in which I now have another Power port go with that .
So should I get another T.G.Audio. or should I try to mix a Whale in there??
I have tried Audio Tekne and JPS in the ps 300 and both sounded the same. Get any good cord and you probably won't here a difference.
If you can afford it, PS audio Lab II power cord is the way to go, Have recently aded to my system with power ports on all 3 dedicated circuits. Have tried many power cords, nothing touches these cords. They really reject RFI/EMI. Next step is to buy PP600 with Lab II power cord between wall and power plant.
Of the dozen or so power cords I've bought or heard, the Whale Elite beats the others hands down. I plugged my first Whale into a PS300; a second one sounded best with my Pass amp; and I'm planning to buy a third for the Sony SCD-777SE. Very fast, rich and deep.