Power cord for CJ MF2500A

I have a Conrad Johnson MF2500A amp and it sounds really good. My only problem is the power cord is about six feet and it won't reach my wall outlet so I have to plug it into a power strip. Has anyone ever had an IEC bracket installed to allow for an after market power cord? If so, was there any improvement in sound? I'm more concerned with the ability to plug directly into the wall outlet than I am about using a different power cord. The supplied power cord works quite well and I have read that Conrad Johnson spent time developing the right cord to go with this amp.
Modern cj amplifiers, including the great premier 350, have 20Amp IEC brackets factory installed. The cables they supply are industry very good quality cables, not too expensive - may be they will be able to supply you a custom length cable.
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I used a 2500A for years. I found this Naim recommended, Wiremold L10320 brand power strip extension, which has very high quality parts but no fuses or overload protection, to be the perfect solution. I bought mine from Allied Electronics, but they are generally available, and can be purchased from any Naim dealer.
I have a 350 and have used several, both 20 amp and 15 with a Voodoo adapter. They do sound better than the stock cord. I would get a good 15 amp IEC installed. It would be easier to replace the stock cord with a better captive one but you wouldn't be able to try others.
Thanks for the responses. I'm leaning towards having a good 15 amp IEC installed. I could then use my DCCA power cord.