Power cord for CJ MF2500A

I have a Conrad Johnson MF2500A amp and it sounds really good. My only problem is the power cord is about six feet and it won't reach my wall outlet so I have to plug it into a power strip. Has anyone ever had an IEC bracket installed to allow for an after market power cord? If so, was there any improvement in sound? I'm more concerned with the ability to plug directly into the wall outlet than I am about using a different power cord. The supplied power cord works quite well and I have read that Conrad Johnson spent time developing the right cord to go with this amp.
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It’s my understanding that CJ does not install IEC’s on their older equipment because they feel that an aftermarket cord would not be an improvement. At least that was my understanding when I spoke to Ed in tech service and Lew Johnson one day last year when I was at the factory. FWIW, I have a 2250A (with an IEC). I’ve tried several aftermarket cords (including DCCA) and the stock cord, the one that CJ calls their “hospital cord” sounds as good as the aftermarket cords I’ve tried. I've also tried the hospital cord with my Premier 16 II, and again thought that it was as good (or better) than several aftermarket cords that I've tried. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a believer in aftermarket PC’s. They DO make a significant difference for the better on some equipment. For what ever reason, on the CJ equipment that I’ve tried them with, to my ears, they do not. YMMV.
CJ like McIntosh recommends their stock power cords. That said many do change out the iec or use aftermarket power cords. It may not sound any better just different. I use Kimber PK10 Palladians throughout my system and they're amazing but I do like the stock pc's. The stock pc's are alot easier to route than bigger aftermarket ones.
I am must say that I really could not detect any audible difference after I installed the IEC socket in the amp. What motivated me to do this in the first place, Is that I was told that I would get 20 percent more improvement by using a aftermarket cord from my dealer. I cannot verify from my listening experience that there was a 20 percent improvement. But I do not regret from doing the modification; it was fun doing it and it dose give me more options to experiment. Sam
If you live close to the west coast I can accommodate you. I have replaced power cords on C/J's in the past with custom power cords. The problem with putting an IEC socket on any amp is space. I have an IEC hole punch, it's quite large, and therefore space is needed where the hole is to be punched in order to use it. There usually isn't enough space.