power cord for pass 250.8

Looking for a power cord for my Pass 250.8

Right now using cord that came with it. Could I do better?

For those with this amp which cord did you find most suitable.... My system is a bit on the laid back side so a somewhat more forward sound would be nice. Looking to pay up to $3,000.00 used.

Thanks for any suggestions.


Pharoah powercord by Grover Huffman.  I used them on my PassLabs 250.5s and they were excellent.

I wonder whether this improvement could be taken a step further. Do we trust that Nelson used the best solder in the circuit boards?


it seems like resoldering the components with something better should have a big improvement, surely? Similarly there are often wires within the amp — from the power transformers to the main amp circuit for example — which could likely be improved upon. 

...as the aftermarket cord manufacturers go laughing all the way to the bank.

@jovlinger that’s actually not a bad idea! You should blaze this trail with your Radio Shack receiver you use in your system and report back what you hear. 

There must be as many power cord manufacturers as there are things to plug them into. I bought a new 2-meter Hurricane on Mercari for $550. There is more wiring there than buyers, apparently, so a big bargain occasionally.appears. My experience with the Hurricane? When I press the button on the Pass Labs XA 25, the lights go on. I use Morrow mostly.