power cord for pass 250.8

Looking for a power cord for my Pass 250.8

Right now using cord that came with it. Could I do better?

For those with this amp which cord did you find most suitable.... My system is a bit on the laid back side so a somewhat more forward sound would be nice. Looking to pay up to $3,000.00 used.

Thanks for any suggestions.


Surely there has to be a power cord that costs more than $3000, and that will automatically sound EVEN better.  Right?

Not if you have your speakers 25ft apart and one if em is jammed into a corner with a ginormous sectional in front of it. A stock power cord will do just fine. 

I have a past labs 250.8. I’ve gone through three differen on it. First I started with the stock cable. Then I replaced it with a Morrow Audio MAP3 power cord, which was a definite and distinctive improvement over the stock cable. Then I swapped in an audience power Chord for the Morrow and there was not much of a difference . Then put in a Shunyata Alpha V2 power cord, which was slightly better than the audience and the morrow. I now have a full loom of Seda tables and love them